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Little Cayman was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503. The Cayman islands are on British overseas territory,they were colonized by the British. The Cayman islands are very near Cuba. There are three islands in Cayman, Cayma Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three. Cayman Brac has a population of 1,000 people. Little Cayman has 100 people living there! Grand Cayman has a small town called George town. It has a well know beach that is known as Seven mile beach. Edward Blackbeard was a famous pirate who haunted the Cayman islands in the 18th century. They still celebrate pirates week in his honor. The Cayman islands were know as " islands that time forgot". The Cayman turtle farm is home to 16,000 turtles! April holds a art festival. There are artists that come from all over the three islands. Cayman also has a carnival that celebrates The caribbean style. A parade in June celebrates the Queen's birthday. The Cayman Islands have a town called hell. The movie, "The Firm", was shot in Grand Cayman. There are more than 160 dive sites! I suggest planning your shopping dates on an other day besides Sunday. By law all stores have to close! the currency used there is Cayman Island dollars, (CI$0). 1 US$=1.25 CI$. The size of Grand Cayman is 76 square miles,Cayman Brac 14 square miles and Little Cayman 10 square miles. There are 449 banks.